• Question: Why did you decide to become a mathematician?

    Asked by anon-38249 on 12 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Harold Berjamin

      Harold Berjamin answered on 12 Oct 2022:

      I never took the decision: “Alright, so from now on, I’ll be a mathematician…”. It never happened this way! I began to study general Science subjects because I found them interesting, and because I wanted to learn more. That’s how I became a Scientist!

    • Photo: Emma Govan

      Emma Govan answered on 12 Oct 2022:

      I loved maths in school – in particular I was really inspired by a book written by Simon Singh, which talks about maths in the TV show the Simpsons. I thought it was so cool that we could explore maths in that way. When I went to college, I studied biology and maths, and was really lucky that I could combine them both!

    • Photo: Maja Popovic

      Maja Popovic answered on 13 Oct 2022:

      I loved maths at school so I more or less knew that I would like to work on something related to maths.
      For a while, I worked on processing sounds (mainly human voice) using maths and I liked it a lot, but then at some point a work opportunity came out where I could work on languages (which I loved, too) using maths and I was very happy about it, and I’m still doing it.

    • Photo: Norma Bargary

      Norma Bargary answered on 13 Oct 2022:

      I liked science and maths at school but was also obsessed with sport. I thought I could combine both science and sports by studying to be a physiotherapist. I actually started studying physiotherapy at university but didn’t like it and dropped out. I had to think very hard about what to do next and eventually decided to do something that I liked, rather than worry about what career I would have at the end. So I went back to my love of maths and did the Mathematical Sciences degree at the University of Limerick – I have been a mathematician/statistician ever since!

    • Photo: Orla McManamly

      Orla McManamly answered on 19 Oct 2022:

      I chose to study maths in third level because I wanted to keep my options open and maths is a very broad field with lots to do! I also found it hard in school, but when you think of your daily life we actually use maths a lot! Telling the time, weighing ingredients, setting alarms, counting steps, spending money, using public transport, keeping score in sports and in so many other ways too. We are all very good at maths when you think about how many times a day we use it, so I wanted to learn more about this subject that is everywhere!!