• Question: Was maths always your favourite subject????

    Asked by anon-38256 on 12 Oct 2022.
    • Photo: Harold Berjamin

      Harold Berjamin answered on 12 Oct 2022: last edited 12 Oct 2022 12:32 pm

      No. In school, I was very much interested in physics, history and foreign languages. I wouldn’t say maths was my favourite subject before I reached age 16.

    • Photo: Suzy Whoriskey

      Suzy Whoriskey answered on 12 Oct 2022:

      Yes, my favourite subjects were always maths and music <3

      I loved reading but didn't really enjoy having to learn about all grammar…

    • Photo: Emma Govan

      Emma Govan answered on 12 Oct 2022:

      Yes! Along with science. Those were always my favourites

    • Photo: Trish O'Connell

      Trish O'Connell answered on 12 Oct 2022:

      Gosh no!!!! Absolutely not…
      I always loved languages more… did French & Spanish in school and adored them but I suppose I was competent at Maths & I loved Science
      In University I missed more Maths classes than I attended as they always seemed to be on at 9am & I had moved away from home…
      In retrospect this was not very smart as I then found I struggled with Maths and began to actively dislike it….. the teacher was not very enthusiastic which didn’t help matters.
      I think its kinda funny that I am now a Maths & Stats teacher and my students seem to enjoy my classes and I have found my love of Maths again….

    • Photo: Maja Popovic

      Maja Popovic answered on 13 Oct 2022:

      Pretty much, yes.
      I also loved foreign languages (although not my own language, there was too much boring stuff!) and chemistry.

    • Photo: Francisco Roldan Sanchez

      Francisco Roldan Sanchez answered on 13 Oct 2022:

      No, my favourite subject was history. And probably I’m still even more interested into history than maths, as in my free time I’m always reading and watching documentaries about that.

    • Photo: Norma Bargary

      Norma Bargary answered on 13 Oct 2022:

      I always really liked maths at school but was more interested in sport.

    • Photo: Orla McManamly

      Orla McManamly answered on 19 Oct 2022:

      It was not!! I liked different subjects, depending on how hard the homework was!! I always found I needed maths, and needed to know how to get better at it to help with my other subjects involving numbers, so I stuck with it. Like most things, the more I tried to understand, the more I could see it being useful to me in lots of ways, so I grew to like it more because I could see it helped me beyond the classroom.